Why Quality Payment Processing for Government Agencies is Key

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For government agencies, payment processing has to be utilized a tremendous amount. Whether the government entity is at a federal, state or local level, being able to accept payments at a very high volume is a must. Fortunately, companies like Payment Savvy do have the experience and resources to meet the needs of government agencies at any level. Why do … Read More

Mail Order Telephone Order Businesses: What They Should Know

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In this technology-crazed world where new apps, programs and electronics are taking over every task imaginable, businesses that use mail order and telephone order (MOTO) payment may seem like a thing of the past. Surprisingly, though, there are many of these businesses out there still and they’re thriving. This is in part thanks to new payment technology from the likes … Read More

Hospital Pricing Transparency: How it Will Affect Healthcare Payment Processing

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Is it a good thing that hospitals are introducing hospital pricing transparency? For most consumers, yes it is. Now that healthcare has started to come with high deductibles, consumers’ demand for hospital pricing transparency has understandably gone up. After all, consumers want to know what they will be paying. Consumers want to know the cost of individual healthcare procedures. Of … Read More